Practice Areas

Mandel, Lipton, Roseborough and Sharma, Ltd. provides timely, high quality
legal solutions to businesses, individuals, institutions and law firms with
complex and pressing legal problems.

Determination, Commitment, and Focus

Highly knowledgeable in the law, experienced litigators, and effective and able counselors, our attorneys work closely
with clients to achieve their objectives, business, financial, or personal. Our clients can expect our complete dedication
and focus as we work to solve their legal problems.

Family Law- Matrimonial and family law combines both emotionally charged and complicated financial elements.
When children are involved, the attorney, as part of representing the client, must give significant consideration to and
work for the best interests of the children. When the couple's assets include complex financial holdings or a business,
the attorney must be able to value such holdings in order to achieve a fair and equitable division of marital property.

Adoption and Juvenile Law - As an adoption, guardianship, and juvenile law practice in Illinois, we work with traditional
families, as well as single parents, and gay and lesbian parents, to effect adoptions and resolve legal issues
surrounding such placements.

Corporate Law - Mandel, Lipton, Roseborough and Sharma, Ltd. provides representation to businesses and business
owners in a variety of transactional matters, including shareholder and employment matters, mergers and
acquisitions, asset protection and taxation. In addition, we counsel domestic and foreign clients in general corporate
and corporate governance matters, particularly in matters relating to capital formation (including private placements),
joint ventures, franchising, intellectual property registration and licensing, agency and distributorship agreements,
trade finance, and export licensing and controls.

Estate Planning and Estate Administration - Careful estate planning during one's lifetime benefits individuals and
families regardless of their financial situation. Our attorneys work with clients to ensure that a client's individual goals
and wishes are met while attempting to minimize the burden of estate and transfer taxes. In addition, the expense and
delays often associated with probate proceedings are often avoided by effective estate planning during one's lifetime.

Real Estate - Our firm's real estate practice includes the acquisition and development of residential and commercial
real estate, ranging from condominium conversion projects to single-family homes. Our attorneys also represent
clients in mechanic's liens proceedings.

Appeals - The final judgment at the end of a trial is not necessarily the final determination of the matter. Many
judgments are modified, removed or overturned in the appellate courts. However, appeals require unique experience.
Many lawyers can perform trial work, but cannot effectively present an appeal. Often, choosing a new attorney to handle
an appeal helps develop a new approach and perspective to a difficult legal problem. Our experienced appellate
attorneys argue appeals before both state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Personal Injury and Property Damage- Many people never call an attorney unless they or a member of their family is
injured or their property is destroyed as a result of an unfortunate automobile accident, airplane crash, fall or other
person's negligence. Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals who have been injured, as well as
effectively defended individuals and companies where insurance is unavailable or inadequate. Our skilled and
aggressive attorneys will pursue potential avenues of liability to obtain the maximum financial award for individuals
who have been injured under a wide range of circumstances. In addition, we work hard to reduce or eradicate the
liability of individuals and companies who lack insurance coverage.

The attorneys at Mandel, Lipton, Roseborough and Sharma, Ltd. have a thorough understanding and extensive
experience in taxation, financial, and business transition matters. They use this capability to craft estate plans which
minimize taxation and provide for an orderly conveyance of estate assets.

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