Personal Injury & Property Damage

Many people never call an attorney unless they or a member of their family is injured or their property is destroyed as a result of an unfortunate automobile accident, airplane crash, fall or other person's negligence. Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals who have been injured, as well as effectively defended individuals and companies where insurance is unavailable or inadequate. Our skilled and aggressive attorneys will pursue potential avenues of liability to obtain the maximum financial award for individuals who have been injured under a wide range of circumstances. In addition, we work hard to reduce or eradicate the liability of individuals and companies who lack insurance coverage.

The attorneys at Mandel, Lipton, Roseborough and Sharma, Ltd. have a thorough understanding of personal injury and property damage cases.To speak with an attorney at Mandel, Lipton, Roseborough and Sharma, Ltd. regarding your situation, call 312-236-7080 or contact us online.