Adoption and Juvenile Law

As an adoption, guardianship, and juvenile law practice in Illinois, we work with traditional families, as well as single parents, and gay and lesbian parents, to effect adoptions and resolve legal issues surrounding such placements.

We work closely with or represent the majority of child welfare agencies in Cook, DuPage, and Lake counties, as well as many in other counties in matters relating to adoption, child welfare, and juvenile law. Our lawyers work closely with governmental agencies, legislators, bar associations, and advocacy groups to develop legislation relating to adoption and juvenile law matters.

Our firm's practice in this area includes:
Juvenile court matters
Consulting to child welfare agencies
And others

While completing an uncontested adoption is usually simple in legal terms, the court must be satisfied that the adoption is in the best interests of the adoptee. As skilled adoption lawyers, we are aware of the various problems which can arise, and will attempt to avoid those problems. Our practice also includes surrogate parent and related legal issues.

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